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I got a text from my reloadable card that there was a $10 debit from Zapos.com. When I called Zappos they told me my card had been "compromised" and claimed to have caught it because the person used "LA" as a state instead of "MA" for the billing address.

However, They would give NO information on who used my card....just told me to cancel it. Zappos also said I would be credited the $10 which has not been done yet. They have NO plans to report the fraud to any authorities.

While I understand its only $10, if this is happening to a lot of people the fraud could be in the hundreds of thousands. I don't know who is scamming me....Zappos or a third party...but since most people wouldn't notice a $10 debit, it seems like a pretty slick way for someone to make some big money.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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Legally, they are not allowed to give out that information- if they had it in the first place. Most likely, the CLT didn't have that information anyway because it's typically handled by a different department - I don't work for Zappos but I do work at a bank and we are never allowed ( nor are personal bankers given that info ) to share information about who or where the card may have been compromised due to possible business or personal retaliation.

Plus, the fraud department handles all that - we are more like the messenger - I know it's frustrating but just thought I'd share my experience dealing with stuff like this!

Sorry for your experience! :)
Southfield, Michigan, United States #1219405

Happened to me twice on my Amex card. Never shopped that site with that card.

It is fishy.


I'm so annoyed. I also got the same thing today.

$10.00 exactly charged to my card. and I've never even visited this *** site. I had to cancel my card, and get a new one, ugh. Now I have to be super careful about buying things online or maybe get on paypal, idk.

I don't know what's going on, but I know two things.

someone WILL give me my hard-earned $10 back, and I will NEVER EVER buy from Zappos for as long as I live... you'll have to shoot me first.


just $10 pending charge from Zappos on my American express credit card. Never shopped at Zappos. Very odd.


Same thing happened to me yesterday!


This just happened to me today! I will be canceling my card not and will likely stop shopping at Zappos from now on.


Checked my bank account right now on March 8, 2016 at 2:50pm and saw that a $10 charge on my account was made on March 5th 2016. This situation is still happening.


This has happened to me twice as well. Zappos really needs to get to the bottom of this!

to Anonymous #1330271

This is a very typical approach used by thieves who have captured your card info- (many times from gas stations) they get something small to see if it's overlooked and if so then they order bigger items from online retailers. It does not mean that Zappos is doing it- it just means that online retailers are an easier target because they don't see the card in person.


Just happened to me for the 4th time, even after I changed my credit card. The charge on my account it appeared with the old credit card number. BTW, never bought anything from Zappos or Amazon.


the exact thing happened to me

New York, New York, United States #1068454

This just happened to me today too. 2 charges for $10 each from Zappos on my debit card.

I haven't even bought anything from Zappos ever. I have bought from 6pm.com many years ago which is I believe owned by Zappos.

Had to cancel my card. Very annoying.


I got the same in my bank account too..


Happened to me today with debit card online. 10.00 at Zappos!

San Diego, California, United States #1047958

I was just charged two $10.00 charges on the same account...


I just got charge $10.00 on two of my accounts days apart.

to Anonymous #1048542

Happened to me also today...zappo charge oine with my debit card...10.00

Equality, Illinois, United States #998185

Bank just called, same thing, a $10 debit. Never been to the site (Ever) so yes its a scam.


I work for a bank and when a customer pointed out the $10 charge, they made us aware and we reissued a new card. When I called Zappos on behalf of the customer, they were very prompt and professional about not letting the charge post to our customer's account.

I wish more merchants would do this when I called them about fraudulent charges. Although the charge hung out for 3 days in presentments, it dropped off the customer's account and were not at a loss.


Just happened to me. 2 charges of 10$ on one card, and 2 of $10 on another card.

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