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I have just recently purchased a $2k designer from zappos. It took almost 10 days to receive it.

Upon receiving the product, It was completely fake. It was completely different from the picture. Stitching, fake leather, fake suede lining and cheap silver zipper were all signs of counterfeit bag that I just purchased for $2k. I have the same bag in different color so I know how authentic one should look like.

I called zappos right away and they are telling me it will take up to 2 weeks to receive my full refund back. Are you serious?

Zappos sells fake bags for 20 percent less than retail price of authentic bags. BUYERS BEWARE!!!!

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I too received what I believe is a fake designer bag from Zappos, ordered through Amazon. I used the bag only a handful of times.

The material started to tear, the sides buckled in, and the gold wore off the buttons.

Terrible quality. Luckily, Amazon issued me a full refund.


That is a bank policy more than a company policy - I speak as someone who works at a bank! Sorry to hear the bag was not legit- but hopefully you got everything sorted out!


No zappos does not sell knock off. They buy directly from the manufacture and sell at full retail price. You probably got someone else's return since scammers are constantly returning fake items and then pocketing the return money...and the 2 weeks processing time is what the credit card company takes to process the refund, not Zappos.

to Anonymous Kingston, New York, United States #1280740
Listen, I LOVE Zappos.
Everything from their policies to the CEO, but I also just bought a bag (not 2k mind you:)) but a Dooney Bourke and though it does look great, it is missing all of the authenticity markings from tag & serial number onward.
My heart sank, but then there are people starving so...
to Anonymous #1443594

own up to it instead of making excuses for Zappos. they sell fake purses and shoes no question about it.

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