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I am very disappointed in this well known company,after the fact of paying for fast 3 day shipping it was shipped out a day late and I recieved it on the 4th day instead of the 3rd,so therefore I was unable to wear the fabulous ugg mocisans as a well known instock and fast shipping company I am very disappointed with there costumer service.I hope that in the future they will take into account that some people buy there packages for christmas and would appreciate the fast delivery in which they payed for.I hope future zappos buyers will take this into account when paying extra $ for shipping.

Monetary Loss: $107.

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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #876335

Did you place the order before 1 pm pacific?


I'm just a customer of Zappo's but a VERY loyal one. I don't understand how this person could pay extra for fast 3 day shipping when you get all shipping and returns for free.

And it's overnight.

You couldn't pay for shipping or EXTRA shipping at Zappo's if you tried. Perhaps you have them confused with another online retailer??


I work at Zappos here in KY and LOVE it. If you place your order after a certain time, we dont have time to get it on our truck that leaves.

I do apologize for your inconvience.

If you call 18009277671 they will help you out and try their hardest to WOW you! Our customers are our basis on culture!


JerseyShore: I’m so sorry you had to go thru the stress of not getting your fabulous UGGs on time. I know Zappos have a great customer service record and almost all the time they’re perfect, but I guess being perfect is not always possible, especially during such a busy time of the year.

Also, when you order after 1pm they they ship a day after so, maybe that was the problem. I'm sure that if you give them a second chance they will definitely WOW you again, besides they have the most amazing shoes and clothes ever!

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