I wanted to share with you a recent Zappos experience of mine. Recently, I ordered a pair of pumps from Zappos.

When the items arrived (the pink and brown striped box) I was shocked to see that they looked like they had already been worn. When I called Zappos to complain, the woman was extremely apologetic and helpful and indicated that the shoes had already been returned several times but had somehow still been shipped out yet again to me! She credited my purchase and offered me a $50.00 Zappos credit. Since I have an upcoming event, I immediately went online and found a different (yet similar) pair of black suede pumps and used the credit to place my order.

When the seconded pair arrived, I was even more astounded that they also appeared to be worn. Both boxes arrived torn and tattered inside the Zappos box and each pair had a definite appearance of being previously worn.

I have ordered from Zappos for years very happily, but I am not sure what is going on with them now and if they are perhaps now re-selling used / returned items to unsuspecting customers. Just wanted to put that out there - so buyer beware!

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I ordered a pair of Birkenstocks from Zappos a few years back. When I got them, I found that instead of being sewn on, the buckles were stapled on.

After getting in touch with customer service, they credited my account and told me just to keep the Birkenstocks (which were knock-offs). Very shady.

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Yes theyre onviously reselling previously purchased used them returned items. Its not just them thogh.

Slot of places are doing it. I went into walmart one day and was looking for a pair of boots. I grabbed a box ith a pair caterpillars in it. After removing them from the box i noticed one boot had a long mud smear down one side.(it had been raining in our area alot)and had a huge gouge on the same side.

After getting a floor attendant and showing her this she denied that walmart puts retrned used items back on the shelf. Yeah right.

to ***edthe***off #950749

This was probably a theft. Someone probably went home with new boots and left there old ones in the box. It happens a lot.


Thank you for posting this. I typically browse for reviews before I purchase anything online.

Your review was most helpful. Thanks again!

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