I have been a longstanding and loyal customer with Zappos. I always thought very highly of them.

I have never had any problems in the past with shipping, transactions, or products. I recently ordered a pair of shoes by the company EVOLV from Zappos for the standard going price online. When they arrived they were undoubtedly a knock-off of the shoe, as I already had a pair of the exact model and was ordering a second one as mine were getting warn. There are about 20 differences between the two shoes, and overall quality of the pair I received was poor in contrast to my authentic pair.

You can even tell in comparing the online photos of the shoe on the Zappos site (and other sites such as ebay where I found similar knock-offs for sale) to the authentic shoe on the EVOLV site and many other pages. If you know what to look for in the details of the photo/shoe or have had the shoe before, the difference is unmistakable. Interestingly enough, I decided to look for some reviews of others that had ran into this problem. I found a fella on Amazon who had written a review and had the exact same situation with the same model shoe happen to him.

I have since returned the shoes and reordered them from another company and have received an authentic pair. Clearly there is a knock-off of this shoe being created... and sold by SOME venders on Amazon and Ebay. However, Zappos is selling them as well (even the photos of the shoes in the description are the knock-offs).

The scary thing is that if I had never had the pair before, I may not have thought anything of it. This is not to say all of their shoes are counterfit...

however I would most certainly be weary and take caution!

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Zappos is now owned by Amazon, and that means they often share inventory. It's a lot easier to get knockoffs past Amazon because they have so many sellers and third parties, and it really is unfortunate that Zappos is unwittingly on the back end of that.

If I choose to shop at Zappos they still don't want to lose the sale so if they need to pull from Amazon inventory then they will. Brands work directly with Zappos but that doesn't change the access to bad inventory through Amazon.


Zappos is *** I also bought a fake Salvatore Ferragamo shoes.


I can imagine it must be difficult for any company and customer when something like this happens because anytime something is less than what they expect is not okay- no one wants to get scammed- esp. when your reputation can be tarnished by a negative experience.

I don't work there but I have my own business and I'd be mortified if someone was selling me knock offs without my knowledge. Hopefully, they are on the case!

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1275918

Zappos does not sell counterfeit products. All products sold on their website are directly from the manufacturer.

It is possible that someone purchased the shoes from Zappos, returned a counterfeit item in the box, the warehouse didn't catch the mistake and shipped them out to the next purchaser. Zappos asks that all items are returned in original and unworn condition and it is possible that you receive an item that someone else returned.

Nearly all online and brick and mortar stores do the same thing. If you suspect that you received a counterfeit or "knockoff," you should have contacted them and they'd be happy to send you out a new pair and investigate the issue.

to Anonymous #1396809

I too, got a counterfeit Ugg product from Zappos. So you do, indeed, sell counterfeit Uggs.

Own up to it.

Stop selling counterfeits. Its *** people off & not only slandering your company but making others iffy before they want to go out on a limb & purchase the REAL ones.

to Anonymous #1443592

wrong. I ordered 2 of the same shoe and both were poor quality FAKES.

but same price as the real deals.

very dissapointed with Zappos as I didn't know they were a company that did this. I won't be buying shoes from them in the future.

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